Sunday, December 10, 2017

Bethany Earrings & Lizbeth Band Set - Hematite & Silver

  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Nickel Plated" (190)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Nickel Plated" (190)
  • SuperDuo beads "Jet Hematite"
  • SuperDuo beads "Silver" (25028)

I made these "Bethany Earrings" to go with the bracelet that I blogged about HERE. The set matches a top that I wore to a Christmas party the other night. You can download my free earring pattern HERE. I'm hoping to make the bracelet pattern available sometime next year. The bracelet, formerly known as "Duo Bobble Band" will be called "Lizbeth Band".


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Today's Tangles - Playing with color on black tiles

I had so much fun following the Zentangle Project Pack #1 video series, which featured white ink on black tiles, that I decided that I'd like to try adding some color. I chose four of my favorite tangles and below you can see the wonderful results. I've blogged about each of these tangles before and I've included links to those posts below each tile.

Click HERE to read my post about the Zentangle video series.

By the way, I ordered some white Gelly Roll pens in the fine and bold sizes from the Zentangle site. They should get here today or tomorrow. I also ordered a metallic gold Gelly Roll pen. I think that gold will look very interesting on black too.




"Lily Bridge"


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bracelet of the Day: Renaissance Bracelet - Jet Celsian

  • 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Pewter" (4222)
  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Pewter" (4222)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Pewter" (4222)
  • 4mm fire polished beads "Jet Celsian"
  • 6mm fire polished beads "Jet Celsian"

This time I made the "Renaissance Bracelet" pattern as it is posted HERE but I changed the way my clasp is attached. This bracelet is same as the one that I blogged about HERE except that I used pewter seed beads instead of dark bronze ones. Aura Crystals has both sizes of these fire polished beads HERE and HERE. I bought the seed beads from Charlene's Beads HERE.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bracelet of the Day: Renaissance Bracelet - Red & Gold

  • 15/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Gold" (4202)
  • 11/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Gold" (4202)
  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Gold" (4202)
  • 4mm fire polished beads "Opaque Red"
  • 6mm fire polished beads "Opaque Red"

I blogged about this pattern before way back in 2014 HERE, HERE and HERE. I followed THESE instructions for the "Renaissance Bracelet" but I turned this one into a "Hugs & Kisses Bracelet" by adding gold seed bead strands in both directions. The pattern doesn't call for 11/0 or 8/0 seed beads but I wanted to attach my clasp in a different way.

I should also mention that the bead colors didn't come out quite right in these photos. The gold seed beads are a lot more yellowish and the red beads aren't nearly as bright. It would have taken way too much time to edit the individual beads in all of these photos and I have more Christmas presents to work on yet.

The red beads look more like this:

The gold seed beads look more like the ones in these earrings:


Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Trio of Triangles

Each pair of "Peyote Triangle Earrings" features red along with black or a metallic color. I made them by following Sara Spoltore's video tutorial which you can watch HERE. I made the black and red ones pretty much the same way that Sara makes them in the video. I changed the design a little for the other two pairs. I used Delicas in a bright red to make the black and red earrings and used a more subtle dyed red in the other two pairs.

  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Duracoat Galvanized Gold" (4202)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Duracoat Gold" (DB1832)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Dyed Opaque Red" (DB791)

  • 8/0 seed beads Toho "Nickel Plated" (711)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Nickel Plated" (DB21)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Dyed Opaque Red" (DB791)

  • 8/0 seed beads Miyuki "Opaque Black" (401)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Opaque Black" (DB10)
  • 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads "Opaque Red" (DB723)


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Today's Tangles

"Si Weed" is by Sadelle Wiltshire and the pattern is HERE on her blog.

"The Fab" is by Linda Rea and her step-out is HERE on Flickr.

Michele Beauchamp's "Mak-Rah-Mee" tangle pattern is posted HERE on her blog. I found a YouTube tutorial HERE and a couple more HERE at

You can find Damy Teng's "Scarrow" pattern HERE on her blog. After a little practice, this one wasn't too difficult to draw. Rather than drawing two "S" shapes as directed, I made a dot in the center of each grid square and drew four arcs going out from the center toward each corner of the square. I had more control drawing them that way than if I had tried to get the "S" shapes exactly right.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Today's Tangles

This is my Christmas variation of Angie Shade's "Confettus" pattern which is posted HERE at I just added a holly leaves next to some of the bobbles.

"OV-Shield" is by YuRu Chen and the pattern can be found HERE on her blog. It looks complicated but once I gave it a try, I discovered that it's quite fun to draw.

I like "Gardenia" so much that I drew it in two different colorways. I drew mine on a pencil grid which made it much easier to keep everything neat and orderly. Each flower goes in one square of the grid and each pair of "trumpets" goes in a square between two flowers. You'll find the step-out for this pattern HERE on the Zapletkano blog. It's the very last one on the page.


December 2017 Calendar

Here is the final calendar for 2017.


Monday, November 27, 2017

Today's Tangles

This is another tangle from Rudolf Wohlgemuth's Zendoodle - Kreatives Zeichnen site. He calls this one "Blossom #11" and it's posted on THIS page.

"Aloha" is by Suzanne and can be found HERE on her Boomeresque blog. I like the version that I saw posted on The Ragged Ray blog HERE so that's how I drew mine. I'm not entirely happy with the way the thin lines at the bottom of my leaves turned out so I will try to find a way to draw them a little neater next time.

I wanted to make a Zentangle Christmas card so I tried a few tangles that feature holly. In the end, I decided to use tangles that weren't so obviously Christmassy but I think that this one is rather pretty.

The step-out for Linda Dawson's "Holly" is posted HERE at I drew my grid in pencil then erased it when I was finished.

Vicki Bassett's "Roscoe" tangle pattern is also at and you'll find it HERE. I might not have tried this pattern had I not seen THIS example of it by Yvonne Walter on Pinterest. Her version looks very Art Deco and that inspired me to try it. It's a little complicated to draw but drawing it on a regular square pencil grid made it a lot easier. I erased the grid when I was done so it's not readily apparent where the grid lines were. Each of the half moon shapes was drawn alternately at the top or bottom of one of the squares and spanned the whole width of its square. I drew the double horizontal lines in pen first as well as the outside border.